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One of the most exciting elements of the old city is the network of underground tunnels that run throughout the Cerro de la Mota. Some of them were used during the conquest of the city to reach the wells that supplied water to the city. Through more than 120m can reach the top of the hill, from the suburb of Santo Domingo, following his path.
La Fortaleza de la Mota retains a series of underground tunnels that connect the altqa of the hill with the suburbs. Through more than 120mm of travel, the layout of the underground galleries.


In la Mota you can see a spectacular rock-cut snowfield. The quality of preservation and building typology allow to define it as one of the best constructed and maintained Andalusia. It is a construct used to store snow brought from the nearby mountains.
This was used for preserving food and cool drinks, turned into an important commercial activity. It is located inside the old Abbey Palace.

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