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Interpretation Classroom Invasive Species Alcalá la Real is the only of its kind in Spain. Acts as shelter and environmental education focused on the problems posed by the introduction of exotic species into our ecosystems and their environmental, economic and health effects.

RECEIPT OF INVASIVE SPECIES: In the Hall of Interpretation, we handle the receipt of seized species (due to illegal wildlife trafficking, trade in prohibited pets, etc.), donated by individuals or found in the wild.

Invasive alien species are the second global threat to biodiversity.

RESCUE NATIVE SPECIES: Facilities continue to act as Rescue Center Amphibians and Reptiles. We work with individuals or populations suffering from specific threats and then release them in their own areas of distribution.

Developed Activities

Explanatory talks

Talks on Invasive Alien Species.

Travel outside

Travel outside through aquatic ecosystems with native fauna (invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds) and plant species of Mediterranean forest on limestone substrate.


Meet several examples of Invasive Species through audiovisual media (videos, touch screens, images, etc.).


Moels of tiger mosquito, section of a palm tree with red palm weevil and copies of zebra mussel collapsing a pipe.

Observation of copies

Observation of specimens seized, donated or received in the facility.


Analyze the List of Invasive Alien Species in Spain through flashcards and through augmented reality.

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